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Best Countertop Microwaves To Buy Now

When it’s time to replace your kitchen appliance, you might not want to invest in a countertop microwave. In fact, you might not even buy one at all! Luckily for you, there are some really great options that could make cooking a whole lot easier and more convenient. Let’s take a look at the best countertop microwaves on the market now; so quit wasting money on an old and bulky oven and save some cash with one of these top models!

This article presents a complete list of the best countertop microwaves from different manufacturers that received at least 4 stars from customers and are competitively priced on Amazon (hence why they have been selected). We hope you enjoy this list! Happy shopping 🙂

The AmazonBasics Microwave is a smart microwave that will fit right into any kitchen. It comes with a spacious interior that will allow you to cook multiple dishes at once, and it’s easy to clean. This microwave can take care of any meal you’ve got planned for the day with its precise temperature controls. It also offers features like the ability to set defrost by weight or time and an easy-to-use button system that beginning cooks can use without much difficulty.

This AmazonBasics product has thousands of positive reviews from customers including many who say it works great, is easy to use, and is relatively affordable when compared to similar models from more expensive brands.


4.4 stars, 26,565 reviews

Toshiba’s EM131A5C-SS is a solid option for anyone looking to add a microwave to their kitchen without busting out their wallet. This microwave has a 1,100-watt cooking power and comes with an interior that’s spacious enough to handle almost any dish you want to cook. It also includes a variety of preprogrammed settings that will allow you to cook different types of food using just one setting.

This model has over 26,000 reviews on Amazon with most people saying they were very happy with their purchase and many saying it was the perfect size for them and worked great in their kitchens.


4.6 stars, 26,515 reviews

This Panasonic microwave is just as powerful a performer as ovens from rival brands, and it comes at a more affordable price. This product has received thousands of positive reviews and is particularly popular among those who are looking for something stylish to match their kitchens.

This microwave can cook many things such as popcorn, different cakes, pizzas, brownies, and other snacks that take less than five minutes to make. It also has an interior that is easy to clean; however, some users have mentioned that it can be difficult to reach into the interior due to its design.


4.5 stars, 6,412 reviews

Also available on Amazon, this microwave is a bit of an upgrade over the NN-SN67HS. It includes a large interior that can handle even bigger meals, and it has a sleek design that’s decently priced.

It has over 4000 reviews on the website with most of the reviews very positive. One customer said it was so quiet they didn’t even realize it was on while cooking. Another customer said it was exactly what they were looking for to fit into their kitchen without having to buy a new one and the product was actually cheaper than similar products from brands like Breville.


4.5 stars, 4,409 reviews

This microwave from Panasonic is designed to meet the needs of average home cooks while still being pretty affordable. It has plenty of power, and it includes a spacious interior that can cook meals for the whole family.

This product has received thousands of reviews on Amazon with most people saying it was a great value for its price. One customer said she bought this microwave to replace an old one that was falling apart and it was easy to use right out of the box. Another customer who owns a store selling appliance said this microwave is a good value for its price range, especially when compared to other models from Panasonic.


4.6 stars, 17,607 reviews

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