Cooking soup in a pan on an induction stove.
Cooking soup in a pan on an induction stove.

How To Choose Good Induction Stoves

Induction cookers are increasingly displacing gas stoves and other forms of cookers in the family due to their superior functions and pace of cooking. Electromagnetic stove prices fluctuate mostly due to the efficiency and unique features of the stove. However, the price can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the electronic control panel or touchpad, the size of the kitchen counter, and the prestige of the kitchen brand you wish to purchase. Electric cookers now have a variety of additional features, such as energy-saving settings. Therefore, you should educate yourself thoroughly about the functions of the kitchen before purchasing to ensure that you choose a kitchen that meets your family’s use requirements.

High Heat Resistance

While an induction stove is typically specified to have a heat resistance of up to 2000W, the actual heat resistance of the stove can be as low as 900 to 1350W. These induction stoves are often of low quality, with the kitchen surface constructed entirely of ordinary heat-resistant glass. If you fry the oil on the stovetop, the stove top can split or crack as a result of the heat generated by the oil passing through the pan’s bottom. This type of stove should never be purchased; it is preferable to purchase stoves made of heat-resistant materials for longer and safer use.

Glass Material

If you want to buy a kitchen that will last for a long time, pay attention to the quality of the kitchen surface, so choose a surface made of heat-resistant glass like ceramic or crystal.

Wire Core Quality

Usually cheap electric cookers use an aluminum inner wire core and have very little functionality. It is best not to buy this machine because when there are any problems with the electricity, your stove can be damaged immediately. In addition, these machines are usually not very effective in cooking. To ensure the quality of the machine, you should buy one with a copper inner wire core.

Quality Of Cover Material

The exterior of the inexpensive cookers is usually made of low-quality plastic, you can easily see this with the naked eye when observing the product. These stoves do not cook large amounts of food and often appear cracks after about 1-3 months of use. The best you should pay attention to the quality of materials for the kitchen cover. The kitchen cover needs to be sturdy, withstand a great deal of weight, which will help the stove be more durable and avoid cracking when you have to cook for many people.

The Quality Of The Microcontroller And Its Main Parts

A high-quality electric stove will never make use of a tiny microcontroller. Choose one with a large microcontroller and a thick copper inner core wire. The quality of the components inside the controller is also critical, as it ensures the stove’s long-term usability and stability in the event of an electrical failure. You should thoroughly verify the microcontroller’s specifications with the seller or manufacturer.

Stove Size And Countertop

You should buy a large size stove with large propellers because then the air circulation to cool the internal parts of the machine will also be more efficient, so the lifespan of the stove will also increase. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the size of the stovetop, you should buy one with a large kitchen counter, at least about 270mm x 270mm. The larger the surface area of the stove, the better because you can place a pot with a larger bottom on the stove when you need to cook a lot of food.

Flexible Temperature Settings

When purchasing an induction stove, you can look for one that has the ability to adjust the temperature to meet the needs of the dish. Additionally, pay attention to the default temperature setting on the stove when you turn it on; keep it low or moderate to avoid scorching the food.

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