Meat with vegetables in a frying pan
Meat with vegetables in a frying pan

How To Pick A Good Nonstick Cookware

Cookware is something that is very important to your kitchen. Therefore, equip it carefully if you want to make your home a better place to cook and eat. You want to buy non-stick cookware, but you’re not sure how to choose one that’s both robust and healthy? Please see the list of suggestions below for some ideas.

Thickness And Weight

You should choose pot models made of aluminum alloy, cast aluminum, porcelain, glass … with as high thickness as possible, heavy handling. Because these products have the ability to hold heat longer, the service life is also more durable.

With these products, when you cook, you just need to let the food be cooked until then turn off the heat, the heat in the pot is enough to fully cook the food and keep it hot and delicious. Thanks to that, it saves energy and gas for the family and reduces the maximum cooking time for the housewife.

Non-stick Layer

A strong anti-stick layer can last a long time and prevent scratches and peeling. It has a high heat tolerance, does not respond to food, and is completely healthy for users’ health.

When frying with a non-stick pot, you’ll use less grease than you would with a regular pan. At the same time, the anti-stick coating makes cleaning the pan a breeze. On the market today, some new and safe anti-stick technologies such as marble, American standard Whitford, Teflon, Titan, ceramic … you should choose to buy.


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Pot Diameter

You should consider what you cook for, who to cook for and how many servings to get the right choice. For example, if you want to make baby porridge or soup for 1-2 people, use pots with a diameter of 14, 16, or 18 cm. Choose a pot with a diameter of 20 – 26 cm if you intend to cook soup, fish, or boil the meat for 4-5 people.


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Type Of Oven

When buying a pot, you also need to pay attention to the type of stove that the pot can use.

  • If your family is using a gas stove, do you have peace of mind because all the pots made today are good on gas stoves, infrared cookers, and coal stoves?
  • If your family uses an induction stove or is planning to use it, then it is best to choose a non-stick pot that can be used on an induction hob.

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Other Utilities

Prioritize the pot with handles, the knobs on the lid are well-insulated, you don’t need to use insulation pads when moving, and you don’t have to worry about burns or hot hands. The translucent, heat-resistant glass lid allows you to easily view the food. At the same time, the glass lid gives the kitchen a touch of elegance and modernity. Thick bottom (3-5) is wide and flat to maximize heat transfer, allowing food to cook quickly and saving time for housewives while also reducing energy and gas waste.


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