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Vegan Diet, Why You Should Enjoy It

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is recommended by the World Health Organization and the American Dietetic Association because it is healthy, nutritious, and abundant in vitamins. If you’re a vegan, you have already taken a major step to live a healthier life. This is because vegan diet limits your consumption of foods with high saturated fats, sodium and sugars such as red meat, butter and cheese which are not recommended for people who need to control cholesterol levels.

Additionally, fruits and vegetables are high in water, fiber and minerals, which have a healing effect and aid the digestive system in functioning properly. Additionally, they act to minimize inflammation in the internal organs, the brain, and the arteries. Antioxidants and electrolytes contained in these healthy foods assist in the battle against free radicals, boost vision health, and help delay the aging process, making you appear younger.

Help reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood

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Cholesterol is a crucial molecule in your body; it’s a raw material for testosterone and other hormones, it’s necessary for the synthesis of bile acids and Vitamin D, and it helps to regulate the functions of every cell.

In this instance, an abnormally high level of cholesterol in the bloodstream may result in the development of fatty plaques on the parietal wall. They build up in large plaques over time, obstructing blood supply and increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

A vegan diet provides you with all the cholesterol that your body needs. While cholesterol is found in these vegan foods as well (nuts contain about 15% plant-based cholesterol), they are nonetheless healthier than animal products because they contain fiber which can improve heart health by lowering levels of dangerous LDL cholesterol. Animal products contain no fiber to combat this problem.

Good for the skeletal system

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Over time, the bones and joints degenerate gradually, particularly in women who enter menopause. A vegan diet provides you with all the calcium that your body needs. While dairy products, like milk, do contain calcium (on average about 1,000mg per cup), they are no better for your bones than any other plant-based food option. For example, calcium from broccoli can be as much as 800% greater than a serving of milk equivalent. In addition, the majority of dairy products’ calcium content is not absorbed by humans due to food matrix effects.

Protect and prevent disease

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Recent research indicates that increasing the daily intake of green vegetables and fruits will help minimize the risk of stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. For example, in the US, this type of diet was associated with a 90% reduction in stroke and 75% reduction in Alzheimer’s disease.
Vegan diets are more effective at combating high blood pressure- reducing high blood pressure by 55% compared to a conventional diet. Another study indicates that a vegan diet can lower the risk of heart attacks by up to 50%.

Help control weight

Although vegetables and fruits are extremely nutritious, they are low-calorie and low-fat with virtually no cholesterol or fat. If you eat more calories than your body needs, your cells will convert them to fat. Thus, a vegan diet helps in weight control by keeping even the overweight person from overfeeding.
A vegan diet can lower your blood sugar levels by up to 40%. In one study, diabetics who switched to a vegan diet for 6 weeks had this level of improvement in blood sugar levels.

Prevention of cancer

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A vegan diet will never promote cancer. Eating meat and dairy products can cause cancer because the body’s metabolism can only process the food it needs, not all of it. Animal protein intake is positively linked to prostate, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer.
The bottom line is that a vegan diet is natural; your body was built to eat this way. A vegan diet prevents or cures many of the life-threatening diseases people suffer from today. You’ll live longer, enjoy better health and be around to love your family longer. What have you got to lose?

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